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Trip to Spa, Luxembourg and Dahlemer Binz
14 July 2003; from Teuge to Spa 15 July 2003; round trip to Luxembourg 16 July 2003; round trip to Dahlemer Binz 17 July 2003; from Spa to Teuge EHTE; Teuge EDKV; Dahlemer Binz EBSP; Spa ELLX; Luxembourg


Just a few pictures available of this trip. We were late planning our holiday this year and we decided to make a trip to Belgium where we could find accomodation. On Monday, July 14 2003, Laurence and Maurits joined Rene with the PH-AVT, while Charlotte joined Veleda and went by car.

The next day on Tuesday Rene made a round trip to Luxembourg.

PH-AVT in Spa

To Luxembourg

Dahlemer Binz

On Wednesday July 16, Laurence, Maurits and Rene made a round trip to Dahlemer Binz, just across the border in Germany.

The next day Laurence and Rene returned to plane to Teuge. From there we took the train to Maastricht, where we rejoined with Veleda, Charlotte and Maurits.

Dahlemer Binz

Laurence and Rene en-route to Teuge

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