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Flying trip to Lübeck with Charlotte
October 17, 2010
From Lelystad to Ganderkesee From Ganderkesee to Rotenburg/Wumme From Rotenburg/Wumme to Lubeck From Lubeck to Neumunster From Neumunster to Lelystad EHLE; Lelystad EDWQ; Ganderkesee EDXQ; Rotenburg/Wummer EDHL; Lubeck EDHN; Neumunster

Flying trip with Charlotte to Ganderkesee, Rotenburg/Wümme, Lübeck and Neumünster

Postcard Ganderkesee
Postcard Rotenburg-Wumme
Postcard Lubeck
Postcard Neumunster

From Lelystad to Ganderkesee

Charlotte at the controls
Charlotte at the controls
Transrapid magnetic levitation train
Transrapid magnetic levitation train
Rene at Ganderkesee airfield
Rene at Ganderkesee airfield

From Ganderkesee to Rotenburg/Wümme

En-route to Rotenburg/Wumme
En-route to Rotenburg/Wümme
Charlotte at Rotenburg/Wumme airport
Charlotte at Rotenburg/Wümme airport

From Rotenburg/Wümme to Lübeck

Departing Rotenburg/Wumme airport
Departing Rotenburg/Wümme airport
Final runway 07 Lubeck
Final runway 07 Lübeck
Rene at Lubeck airport
Rene at Lübeck airport

From Lübeck to Neumünster

Departing Lubeck to point Whiskey
Departing Lübeck to point Whiskey
Final runway 08 Neumunster
Final runway 08 Neumünster
Rene fueling at Neumunster
Rene fueling at Neumünster
Charlotte at Neumunster airfield
Charlotte at Neumünster airfield

From Neumünster to Lelystad

Take-off runway 08 Neumunster
Take-off runway 08 Neumünster
Landing runway 05 Lelystad
Landing runway 05 Lelystad

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