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29 December 2016
EDLP; Paderborn-Lippstadt EDVK; Kassel Arnsberg-Menden

Planning a day trip

We wanted to make a last day trip in 2016 in the final week of the year. With the rental company at Lelystad closed between Christmas until the second of January, we looked for a plane from the aeroclub at Paderborn. On Monday the weather outlook for the week indicated that Thursday and Friday would be the best days to aim for, and we booked a plane for Thursday. However, on Wednesday the weather outlook for the next day at Paderborn indicated that it would take some time during the morning for the good flying weather to arrive. This is the TAF from Wednesday for Paderborn:

TAF EDLP 281100Z 2812/2912 28005KT 6000 SCT007 BKN025
TEMPO 2812/2815 4000 BR BKN004
BECMG 2815/2818 4000 BR
TEMPO 2818/2908 2000 BCFG BKN008
PROB30 TEMPO 2900/2908 0800 FZFG BKN002
BECMG 2908/2911 17005KT 8000

Fog and low clouds at Paderborn-Lippstadt in the morning are quite common. We decided to drive to Paderborn at our convenience on Thursday morning, rather than the night before, and just make a little trip in the region in the afternoon after the weather would have cleared up. Sunset was at 1522 UTC, and we have no appetite to fly at night. On Wednesday afternoon we went to Rotterdam, where we visited relatives. We returned home late in the evening.

To our surprise, when we looked to the weather reports on Thursday morning for Germany, the weather was perfect right away. In the Netherlands there was fog, but in the west of Germany it was CAVOK, and it stayed like that for the rest of the day. We left home in fog for the long drive to Paderborn-Lippstadt. The weather in Germany was very good.


METAR EDLP 290220Z 16002KT CAVOK M01/M03 Q1041=

When we arrived at Paderborn at around noon, the temperature was 4°C, with hardly any wind. Another club member had changed his booking from another C182 to a C172, but had his eye on the C182 we had booked as it was still there. He had before aborted the take-off in the other C182 because of a vibration during the take-off run. As he was flying to Zell am See, and we were now just making a regional flight, I offered to change to a Piper Archer if there was one still available, so he could take the C182 we had booked. However, since the weather had become very good, all the Pipers were already booked, so he went to Zell am See with the C172 after all.

METAR EDLP 291050Z VRB01KT CAVOK 04/M02 Q1040=

We had sent a request to Bad Hersfeld (EDEN) for a visit (it is PPR), but that aerodrome was not available that day. So we made a round trip from Paderborn to Kassel and Arnsberg instead.

From Paderborn to Kassel airport

René had visited Kassel airport once before, twelf years earlier. At that time it was a different airport just south of a completely new regional airport that was opened in April 2013.

After departure from Paderborn-Lippstadt airport runway 24, we made a left turn out to reporting point Sierra. When we approached the Kassel CTR, we were directed directly to the left base leg of runway 09. There we had to make one orbit over right because of other traffic before we were cleared to land on runway 09.

On the ground we talked to the owners of a beautiful 1958 Cessna 172. We payed the landing fee at the GA office, had a coffee, and then went back to the plane for the next leg.

Rene in the C182
René in the Cessna 182
View of Paderborn-Lippstadt airport
View of Paderborn-Lippstadt airport
North-west of Kassel
North-west of Kassel
Rene and Veleda at Kassel airport
René and Veleda at Kassel airport

From Kassel to Arnsberg-Menden

We took-off from runway 09 again and made a right turn out direct to reporting point Whiskey 1. We overflew the old airport Kassel-Calden, as it was named at that time. From Whiskey point we headed to Brilon. From there we turned south to pass the ski-area Willingen. There was no snow in the Saurerland region. Only some artificial snow at the pistes and the ski jumping hill.

We further followed the Ruhr valley, overflying the Henne reservoir, passing the town of Meschede, in the direction of Arnsberg-Menden airport. There we landed on runway 23. The airport restaurant was closed. So we just payed the landing fee and then walked back to the plane to return to Paderborn-Lippstadt airport.

Former Kassel airport
Former Kassel airport
Henne reservoir, Meschede
Henne reservoir, Meschede
Veleda at Arnsberg-Menden airport
Veleda at Arnsberg-Menden airport

From Arnsberg-Menden to Paderborn-Lippstadt

After take-off from runway 23, we turned north while avoiding the villages near the airport. We overflew the Möhne dam and reservoir, and then turned into the direction of reporting point November of Paderborn-Lippstadt. However, when we contacted Paderborn tower, we received the option to follow the highway directly to right downwind runway 24. After landing, we taxied to the apron of the aeroclub. We had finished our last flight of 2016.

Wickede, River Ruhr
Wickede, River Ruhr
Gunne, Mohne reservoir
Günne, Möhne reservoir
Cement factory at Erwitte
Cement factory at Erwitte
Approaching right-hand downwind runway 24 Paderborn-Lippstadt airport
Approaching Paderborn-Lippstadt airport

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