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With Laurence to Nördlingen
23/24 July 2021
EDLP; Paderborn-Lippstadt EDNO; Nordlingen
I. Nördlingen
23 Jul 2021 Nördlingen
24 Jul 2021 Paderborn

II. Local Flight
24 Jul 2021 Local flight

From Paderborn-Lippstadt to Nördlingen

The original plan for this weekend was to fly to Locarno in Switzerland. After a week of excellent weather, a few days of rain, thunderstorms and lots of clouds would arrive this weekend. Not a suitable weather for crossing the Alps. Friday and Saturday morning would still be fine weather in Germany, with the exception perhaps of the south-west. So we made it a trip to Nördlingen. Locarno we will then do later.

After we landed we tied down the plane, and talked to the flugleiter who called a cab for us. While we waited for the cab he told us a bit about Nördlingen, and about Gerd Müller who was from Nördlingen. René said he remembered Gerd Müller from the 1974 final between West Germany and the Netherlands.

After some time, the cab arrived and we headed for Nördlingen.

Three weeks after we visited Nördlingen, news came that legendary German and Bayern Munich striker Gerd Müller had died at the age of 75 on August 15, 2021. In the 1974 World Cup final he scored the winner in typical style with a quick turn and finish in a 2-1 win over Netherlands, his last game as a West Germany international.

Rene with the Cessna 182
René with the Cessna 182
River Main at Gemunden am Main
River Main at Gemünden am Main
Right base runway 22 Nordlingen
Right base runway 22 Nördlingen
Laurence at Nordlingen
Laurence at Nördlingen


Nördlingen is located near a Roman settlement built on the road north from Augsburg. Nördlingen grew to prominence because of its importance in trade in the area. It was a Free City and the local fair was one of the most important in this region in the Middle Ages. Testimony to that can be seen in the numbers of houses and buildings which still exist that used to house tradesmen's goods or a market for their wares. The town walls and fortifications had been built in the 14th century. Nördlingen became part of Bavaria at the start of the 19th century.

Delightfully medieval, Nördlingen receives slightly fewer tourists than its better-known neighbours and manages to retain an air of authenticity, which is a relief after some of the Romantic Road's kitschy extremes. The town lies within the Ries Basin, a massive impact crater gouged out by a meteorite around 14.5 million years ago. The crater – some 25km in diameter – is one of the best preserved on earth, and has been declared a special geopark. Nördlingen's 14th-century walls, all original, mimic the crater's rim and are almost perfectly circular.

Source: Lonely Planet

Nördlingen sits near the impact point of a meteorite which hit the earth around 14.5 million years ago. The crater ring can be seen quite clearly from the top of the Daniel, the church spire, which is itself built from the suevite stone created by the impact.

The meteor is thought to have been around a kilometre in width and the crater that it formed is one of the best-studied in the world. American astronauts underwent geological training here before their trips to the moon.

Sights of Nordlingen
Sights of Nordlingen
Sights of Nördlingen

From Nördlingen to Paderborn-Lippstadt

The next morning we first had breakfast at the hotel in Nördlingen. Then we called for a cab, which announced it could not come until three-quarters of an hour later. When the cab arrived we headed for the aerodrome. After inspecting the plane we left. We first made an orbit over Nördlingen, and then we flew directly to Paderborn-Lippstadt. Once there, we washed the plane, and then we were to take a short flight in a Cessna 172.

Laurence at Nordlingen airfield
Laurence at Nördlingen airfield
Run-up checks before departure
Run-up checks before departure
Laurence cleaning the Cessna
Laurence cleaning the Cessna

Local flight from Paderborn-Lippstadt

In early April of the year, there was a fire in a hangar at Hilversum airfield. A number of aircraft were able to be taken-out from the hangar by the fire department, but had fire damage. The Cessna 172 that we regularly fly in Hilversum also had to be repaired. In addition, the plane's papers were lost in the fire. We received word that the Cessna might be available again in August.

The board of the small flying club with one airplane at Hilversum requires to have flown the specific aircraft type within the previous three months to rent. Since we were already at Paderborn, we decided to fly a similar Cessna 172 from there. Then at least we would have room until the end of October to also occasionally fly the Cessna 172 from Hilversum, if the aircraft were to become airworthy again. The flying club at Paderborn allows to fly the simpler aircraft when we are current on the more complex airplanes.

We took a short flight north of Paderborn-Lippstadt, past Oerlinghausen and Bielefeld, and then around the former Gütersloh airbase. After the short flight with the Cessna Skyhawk, we washed the plane and then returned home by car.

Laurence in the Cessna Skyhawk
Laurence in the Cessna Skyhawk
Cessna Skyhawk D-EKRM
Cessna Skyhawk D-EKRM
Laurence at the controls
Laurence at the controls
Former airbase Gütersloh
Former airbase Gütersloh

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