Airports visited / EDNY - Friedrichshafen Airport

Our arrivals and departures from Friedrichshafen

Date Reg. From To Pict
16-06-2006 N123AN LFGA EDNY
16-06-2006 N123AN EDNY EDDS
22-07-2006 PH-AEC LSZH EDNY Pict
22-07-2006 PH-AEC EDNY EDSN Pict
27-07-2006 PH-AEC EDJA EDNY Pict
27-07-2006 PH-AEC EDNY EDSN Pict
22-08-2010 PH-UGS LSZS EDNY Pict
22-08-2010 PH-UGS EDNY EDSA Pict
10-08-2013 D-ELPA EDTW EDNY Pict
11-08-2013 D-ELPA EDNY EDFC Pict
06-09-2013 D-ELWC EDLP EDNY Pict
07-09-2013 D-ELWC EDNY LSZS Pict



Germany Germany

pos: N47°40'15"   E009°30'37"

Last visited on 06-09-2013 with the D-ELWC

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EDNY in Germany

General Aviation private pilot VFR flying trip. Airport in Germany. Aerodrome, Airfield code is EDNY, Friedrichshafen. Flugplatz EDNY, Friedrichshafen. Flughafen Friedrichshafen

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